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The culmination of over a year in the making, the RidgeMonkey Carbon Throwing Stick features a radical new geometric architecture that has been researched, designed and built to lower air resistance both inside and out. Advances in technology have allowed a one piece, 3k carbon weave to be produced in a shape that matches the needs of the throwing stick more closely than ever before: we’ve developed a stick with a fully aerodynamic leading edge while retaining a perfect curve at the rear.    The outside of the leading V glides through the air with consummate ease, while the inside provides an ideal channel for the internal air resistance to dissipate effectively. Add to that the flattened sides of the handle to maximise comfort and eradicate twist, the front chamber to simplify the loading process and the inclusive dedicated carry case to create a carbon throwing stick that is truly bordering on the sublime.   Available in 20mm “Precision” and 26mm “Distance” variants.  20mm length: Approx 95cm 26mm length: Approx 107cm Comes with protective end bung and polyester carry case


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