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Designed and built with multiple industries in mind, the RidgeMonkey Vault powerpack sets a new bar for portable power sources on the bank or in the field. With a 12v cigarette style socket and two 5v USB ports, the Vault covers all bases when it comes to portable power: from mobile phones and sat navs right the way through to laptops, DVD players and even portable refrigerators, you’ll be hard pushed to run out of juice with this immensely efficient unit. Approximately the size of an A5 book Lithium Polymer internals Simultaneous dual voltage output Huge 264Wh capacity: 16-18 charges of an iPhone 6S, 13-15 charges of a Galaxy S6, 24 hours runtime for most portable DVD players, 3-6 charges of most tablets and laptops 70% smaller and lighter than conventional sealed lead acid (SLA) bivvy packs Dimensions: 205mm x 115mm x 40mm Weight: 1275g Capacity: 264Wh / 22Ah @ 12v / 52,800mAh @ 5v Output: 12v 13A socket / twin 5v 2.1A USB Comes complete with protective port covers and a neoprene carry case


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